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Social Security

New Client Guide- The Retirement Instructor

We Want Your Retirement to Be Seamless As president of The Retirement Instructor, I know for a fact that we are doing our best to streamline your retirement. That’s why we have so many complimentary financial softwares and services for your to choose from. This article will help you to understand the available tools at…

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2019 Updates to Social Security

Cost of Living Adjustments for Social Security Good news! Social Security benefits are scheduled to increase by 2.8% in 2019, the biggest benefits increase since 2012. The average beneficiary – who received about $1,405 per month in 2018 – can expect to see about $468 more over the course of the year.1 Why is Social…

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4 BIG Mistakes People Make: Retirement Planning

Retirement is supposed to be a fulfilling and rewarding chapter of your life — but it can feel less than relaxing if it’s not well planned for. To ensure you’re able to live comfortably in life’s next chapter, start planning early and take advantage of technology to help you monitor your success. Here are four…

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Our Robust Financial Reporting Solution

Complimentary Access to RightCapital’s Financial Planning Software You get free access to RightCapital when you sign up for a complimentary appointment with us (Call to Schedule). After being in business for only 18 months, RightCapital already had $1.6 million in funding and was ranked #1 by users in the 2017 Annual Software Survey conducted by…

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What is Happening to Social Security?

Social Security is Running Dry But that doesn’t mean it will cease to exist! Social Security has been an important topic in retirement for decades, but a lot has changed in recent years. For preceding generations, a senior could obtain a sizable portion of their retirement income, solely from social security benefits. Nowadays, seniors that…

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Social Security Secrets to Increase Your Retirement Income

What is My Full Retirement Age? When you take out social security, your benefits are a combination of 3 types of benefits: retirement benefit, spousal benefit and survivor benefit. Different claiming strategies affect the age you can retire, as well as penalties. The reason financial planners talk so much about full retirement age, is that…

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