Major Life Events Are Financially Complex

You might think that you only need a financial advisor for retirement or investment questions, but there are a number of common situations that necessitate complicated paperwork and financial decision making.

Rather than do everything yourself, sometimes the best way to get things done correctly is to seek financial counsel. However, when do we know that it’s the right time to speak with a financial advisor?

The Most Common Reasons to Seek Financial Help

    • Approaching Retirement

Retirement is fraught with fees and expenses. For instance, after an arbitrary age, you are required to withdraw a variable yearly percentage from your retirement accounts! This is called a Required Minimum Distribution and you must withdraw at least the minimum prescribed by the IRS. We can help you achieve more by walking you through this process, maximizing your social security benefits and optimizing your investments.

    • Preparing for A Child’s Future

Little humans are hard to wrangle during play time, but they are also hard to plan for financially. Your child may need to save for college, or you may be planning an inheritance. You also need to plan for all those healthcare expenses and things add up. Without a seasoned financial advisor, it can be quite challenging to plan for a child’s future.

    • Independent Investing

Are you an independent investor? Unless you are Warren Buffet, you could probably benefit from a second opinion. It’s certainly worthwhile to ask a financial professional for advice on your investment situation. In the world of finance, we spend ample time researching new investment opportunities and we always have an assortment of favorable investments available for your portfolio.

    • Inheriting Money

The government takes a cut and you may even find debt collectors coming up to the table. You might not know how to react in these situations, especially when push comes to shove and you need to make a deal. Financial advisors are used to this type of thing and we can navigate the inheritance process seamlessly, assuring you the biggest payout in the long run.

    • Dissatisfaction With Your Financial Advisor

If your financial advisor isn’t doing their due dilligence, maybe you should seek another opinion. We recommend using BrokerCheck to evaluate your financial advisor for SEC compliance:
This year, we were ranked #1 Investment Firm in Austin during 2018’s Best of the Best Competition and I was chosen as a FiveStar Wealth Manager: Best in Overall Client Satisfaction. If you’re thinking about asking a new advisor for help, we may be your best bet. After all, your first appointment is complimentary!

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    • Experiencing a Divorce

Divorce can be a messy process, with splitting of personal assets and financial property. Everything is easier to work through with unbiased, financial advice.

    • Building and Managing Wealth

Un-professional investors often make rash decisions and put a large portion of their portfolio in the stock market, or bonds. It’s hard to keep your wealth growing, without increasing your risk substantially. You need to have a properly diversified portfolio that shelters your from risk. Financial advisors can help you to achieve stable returns without the losing investments to market volatility.

    • Save Money on Taxes

Taxes are a way of life and they follow you everywhere you go. However, did you ever think that an advisor could adjust your financial holdings to reduce your tax burden? Different investment vehicles experience different types of taxation and a properly managed portfolio can save you a lot of money.

Increase Your Retirement Income

No matter what your retirement goals are, I can help you plan for them. I have been in retirement for over a decade and hold a license as a Retirement Income Certified Professional. We have hundreds of satisfied clients and I know exactly what you need to do to increase your retirement income.

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