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New Client Guide- The Retirement Instructor

We Want Your Retirement to Be Seamless As president of The Retirement Instructor, I know for a fact that we are doing our best to streamline your retirement. That’s why we have so many complimentary financial softwares and services for your to choose from. This article will help you to understand the available tools at…

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401(K)s Can Augment Your Retirement Plan

Record Highs in 401(K) Contributions Retirement accounts in the U.S. reached record highs by the end of 2018’s third quarter. The average account balance was $106,500 for 401(k) plans, and the number of 401(k) millionaires in the U.S. increased to 187,400, up 41 percent from 2017. This trend may continue, because of an increase in 2019…

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Reducing Investment Risk With ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds Are a Safer Alternative to Stock Investing As an indexed security, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are still susceptible to market fluctuations. However, they are a portfolio of investments, which provides greater diversification for the investor than owning an individual stock or bond. The funds are diversified by the ETF’s management and it takes the…

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January 2019 Market Update

2018 Market Review1 Last year was a little bumpy for markets near the end of the year. This excerpt from How Every Asset Class, Currency, and Sector Performed in 2018 by Jeff Desjardins at Visual Capitalist sums up 2018 really well: “We’re only a few days into 2019, but it appears markets have picked up…

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Historical Data May Indicate Future Recession

In U.S. History, We Have Experienced Many Market Recessions: Causes varied greatly and could often be tied to contractionary monetary policy, instituted to reduce inflation. “Contractionary policy refers to either a reduction in government spending, particularly deficit spending, or a reduction in the rate of monetary expansion by a central bank. It is a type…

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4 BIG Mistakes People Make: Retirement Planning

Retirement is supposed to be a fulfilling and rewarding chapter of your life — but it can feel less than relaxing if it’s not well planned for. To ensure you’re able to live comfortably in life’s next chapter, start planning early and take advantage of technology to help you monitor your success. Here are four…

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Digital & Financial Tools for Retirees

Crossing the Digital Divide These days, there are plenty of gadgets designed to help us monitor our health, stay in touch, and manage our households. They come in a variety of smartphone apps, wearable devices, computers, tablets and smart appliances. One of the obstacles to widespread adoption is that not all of us grew up…

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When Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Major Life Events Are Financially Complex You might think that you only need a financial advisor for retirement or investment questions, but there are a number of common situations that necessitate complicated paperwork and financial decision making. Rather than do everything yourself, sometimes the best way to get things done correctly is to seek financial…

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Leading Economic Indicators For Your Investment Strategy

What Goes Up, Must Come Down Newton’s laws of motion and gravity are often applied to economics and the stock market. While this generally explains a natural path of the economic cycle, the key question for most investors is: When will the stock market go down? While no one can predict market directions with exact accuracy, economists…

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