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Social Security Secrets to Increase Your Retirement Income

What is My Full Retirement Age? When you take out social security, your benefits are a combination of 3 types of benefits: retirement benefit, spousal benefit and survivor benefit. Different claiming strategies affect the age you can retire, as well as penalties. The reason financial planners talk so much about full retirement age, is that…
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6 Strategies to Keep Couples Happy in Retirement

You might think that retirement is only complicated by financial stress, but retirement can put a strain on your relationships as well. Couples may find many different challenges associated with retirement, but with divorce rates rising, it is evident that retirement is a difficult transition for married couples. Domestic squabbles are often a result of…
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Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance For Your Retirement?

Statistically, You Probably Will When we plan for retirement, there are more than a few uncertainties. At first, you might think that you can take care of unplanned expenses with a rainy day fund, but it depends on the complexity and magnitude of any unforeseen costs. According to Morningstar, 52.3% of people turning 65 will…
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