Ever since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), many taxpayers have shown concern about losing tax breaks for charitable contributions. However, with the right plan, taxable entities can still benefit from donations.

How to Avoid Ending Up in Hot Water During Retirement

1. Pay Off Your Debts Before You Retire This might seem a little obvious, but when it comes to retirement, interest rates on debt don’t falter. In fact, your debt will likely continue to grow at exactly the same rate as pre-retirement. Unfortunately, as a country we don’t have major debt relief programs for seniors…
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Do I Need to Pivot My Investment Strategy?

2018 Started off Strong The first half of 2018 went well in terms of market performance and economic growth. In fact, the second longest-running bull market in U.S. stock market history managed to weather a few bumps and bruises to climb even higher. That’s the good news.1 Is Economic Change Coming? The bad news is…
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Our Robust Financial Reporting Solution

Complimentary Access to RightCapital’s Financial Planning Software You get free access to RightCapital when you sign up for a complimentary appointment with us (Call to Schedule). After being in business for only 18 months, RightCapital already had $1.6 million in funding and was ranked #1 by users in the 2017 Annual Software Survey conducted by…
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How Do Politics Affect Your Financial Portfolio?

Political Legislation Affects Our Economy: Whether it’s a new tweet by the president, or something more controversial, politics has an impact on the way people manage their investments. However, even in times of political unrest, the stock market has remained relatively resilient. Recently, the market has successfully weathered political climates that had the potential to…
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Should I Become a Senior Entrepreneur?

What is it Like to Be a Senior Entrepreneur? Rob Horken — owner of Rob’s Rod Repair and Custom-Built Fishing Rods — supplements his retirement income by building custom-made fishing rods. An avid, lifelong fisherman in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Rob’s rods are like individual works of art. They have become a popular choice in…
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Artificial Intelligence For Your Financial Portfolio

Artificial Intelligence Has Potential to Improve Portfolio Management 1. AI Can Improve the Accuracy of Investment Decisions Without AI, finance relies on researchers with limited time, memory and information. This contrasts greatly with an artificial intelligence tool that utilizes historical databases of financial products and can sort through the web for complimentary information. Artificial Intelligence…
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