Solomon API is a Powerful AI Investment Tool

Solomon API is an artificial intelligence tool for global economic research. Solomon utilizes quantitative modeling and real-time global data assimilation to present you with data in an easy-to-process format. In addition, Solomon utilizes translation to help investors capture bull market opportunities and avoid severe market corrections.

Solomon works together with our complimentary portfolio monitoring tool and evaluates your portfolio based on key characteristics of a long-term investment plan.

Tool Specs:

Solomon has been in development for 10 years and focuses on finding how the world works. It utilizes 10,000 lines of code and 1 macro system, composed of 22 sub systems. You could describe Solomon as an engineering system that seeks to bring light to the world. The team pursues continually improvement and believes in creating excellent outcomes for investors.

Artificial Intelligence Created by Financial & Technical Experts

Sophisticated trade models are just the icing on the cake when it comes to this powerful AI tool! Solomon was created by technologists, working directly with financial researches and managers. It’s designed to run your financial portfolio to meet your personal needs. Management brings over 50 years of portfolio management to the table and utilizes this experience to improve the way Solomon functions.

Created for Investors to Grow Portfolios

Investors looking for capital growth will find a friend in Solomon. Solomon’s advanced analytical data and intuitive insights provide tremendous value to any investor. Solomon continues to strive, as the team finds new ways for the API to capitalize on opportunities in the evolving global equities market.

Available through our professional money management platform:

Obtain Solomon API when you manage a TD Ameritrade account with The Retirement Instructor.

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